Assisted Living is created by Ben Giroux and Juliana Tyson.

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Series Synopsis

Sunny Smiles Assisted Living Community isn't the nicest senior home in town -- far from it -- but it's bursting with character inside and out.  Run-down, out-dated, and financially crippled, the facility is in dire straights as we open the series.

We learn that Mr. Lemley, the facility's disinterested director, is pronounced dead by erotic self-asphyxiation in a motel bedroom during a late night escapade with a prostitute.  Mortified, the facility's board of higher-ups -- a disorganized, semi-wealthy, multi-generational family -- have immediately hired a new director to "whip the facility into shape."

Old age puts more wrinkles in our mind than on our faces.
~ Michel de Montaigne

This mega make-over will be led by the newly hired "Sister" Connie Holtzmiller, a petite but terrifying ex-nun who will oversee every inch of Sunny Smiles with an iron fist.

Our series heroes, the free-spirited Amy Jo Carter and the neurotic Elliot Kabranski, are blind-sided by the new prison-style leadership.  As a quirky caretaker duo in the facility, Amy Jo and Elliot couldn't be more opposite.  

Amy Jo's immense fervor for life oozes from her personality, moving through the work-day with laughter, care-free confidence, and a wild passion.  Elliot, on the other hand, eats anxiety pills for breakfast.  Bound by rules and guidelines, he's crippled by fears and doubts.

When Holtzmiller takes Sunny Smiles by storm, Elliot remains cautiously optimistic, while Amy Jo immediately butts heads with the new sheriff in town.

Holtzmiller enacts severe budget cuts, strict visiting hours, and an absurd "code of ethics" that transforms Sunny Smiles into a bizarre prison for the elderly.

Even more alarming, a new glitzy facility has opened down the street: Royal Palms Senior Living.  The roman columns, gushing waterfalls, and artful desert landscaping lend themselves to more of a palace than an old-age home.  Wealthy seniors lounge poolside, basking in their golden years.

Back at Sunny Smiles, things looks bleak.  A quick glance around the facility lobby elicits a pretty depressing image: aging seniors slumped over in wheelchairs, residents playing cards at rusty folding tables, and patients quietly awaiting their imminent deaths, yearning for better, younger times.

Amy Jo realizes this is no way to finish life.

  Raised by her grandfather in Louisiana, Amy Jo had always been a champion for the elderly.  It's time to give the residents of Sunny Smiles purpose, happiness, and hope in their waning days.

You can't turn back the clock. But you can wind it up again.
~ Bonnie Prudden

After repeated attempts, Amy Jo convinces Elliot to join her in a secret rebellion of the facility rules, systematically granting "bucket list" wishes to every resident of Sunny Smiles.

Their adventures will break rules, laws, morals, and plenty of dentures.

When Elliot isn't putting out Amy Jo fires, he's got another problem on his hands: romance.  As we open the series, we learn Elliot is stuck in a painfully unhealthy relationship.  His girlfriend has a child from another relationship, and she uses Elliot more as a babysitter than a boyfriend.

  While he attempts to grow balls big enough to dump her, he becomes smitten with Piper Carmichael -- the granddaughter of a freshly-admitted Sunny Smiles resident.

Amy Jo is no stranger to awkward flirting herself: a tom-boy in her youth, she typically scares men away with a reckless lack of elegance.

  Both Amy Jo and Elliot frequent the local dive bar: The Watering Cactus Bar and Grill.  There, they plot their latest and greatest "bucket-list" schemes.  But the Watering Cactus soon becomes more than a local hang-out: Amy Jo grows smitten with Charlie Gowland, the stud-muffin bartender.

The attraction becomes mutual -- Charlie seems to be the only one who understands Amy Jo's unrestrained exterior. But Amy Jo will soon face a dilemma: Charlie's father is on the Board at Royal Palms. To Amy Jo, that facility may as well be the Anti-Christ.

Back at Holtzmiller's prison for the elderly, Amy Jo and Elliot gradually form an air-tight bond that strengthens with each scheme they narrowly pull-off.

Through Seinfeldian-wit mixed with SIX FEET UNDER darkness, ASSISTED LIVING aims to shed new light on our own mortality.  And above all else: what it means to truly live.