Assisted Living is created by Ben Giroux and Juliana Tyson.

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Under the nose of strict, prison-like management, a rebellious, free-spirited caregiver and her neurotic partner-in-crime secretly help the residents of an Arizona Assisted Living facility re-discover their youth before it's too late.

Brief Overview

Death is a part of life.  The last part.  As we inch closer to that final curtain call, there's a lot to look forward to: stale oatmeal, beige walls, sponge baths, uncontrollable bowel movements, and listening to your roommate babble about penguins.

Age is an issue of mind over matter.  If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.
~ Mark Twain

Tucson's Sunny Smiles Assisted Living Community lives up to that promise: growing old leaves you weathered, wrinkled, and -- in many cases -- forgotten.  With an ever-depleting budget, a drill-sergeant ex-nun running the facility like a military dictatorship, and a run-down building dwarfed by the bigger, shinier facility down the street, it's no wonder there are more residents checking out of Sunny Smiles than there are checking in.  

In spite of it all, Amy Jo Carter and Elliot Kabranski, two caregivers from opposite sides of the tracks, are on a mission to give the old, the sick, and the dying the greatest adventures of their lives.

  Hell-bent on fulfilling life-long "bucket list" dreams for the elderly, free-spirited Amy Jo strong-arms the neurotic and comically timid Elliot into endless schemes.  Risking their jobs, the law, and even their safety, these two renegade co-workers pioneer a motley crew of unconventional, big-hearted caregivers to orchestrate elaborate, secretive plans.

Along their journey, Amy Jo and Elliot begin to see the lines blur -- just who is assisting who with the living?

Death is a part of life.  And until that day arrives, life at Sunny Smiles Assisted Living -- when no-body's looking -- is going to be one big fuckin' party.