Assisted Living is created by Ben Giroux and Juliana Tyson.

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Walter Green (70s, African-American)
Bill Cosby

Our wise, weathered, omniscient narrator.  Walter, a senior resident in the facility, is paralyzed and unable to communicate due to a severe stroke.  While Walter can't audibly talk to any other character, he eloquently speaks to the viewing audience through voice-over.  

Walter is our window into the world. A wry, clever, insightful old man, Walter is both painfully funny and tormented by his inability to communicate his reflections and observations.  

As a younger man, Walter took pride in cooking and managing a successful grocery store.  Now, his meals are fed to him in a painful twist of irony.   The outside world treats Walter as if he's an infant, unaware of all that still goes on inside his head.  Sadly, the most insightful man in the room sits locked behind a motionless, crooked body.

Amy Jo Carter (late 20s, Southern, Caucasian)

Juliana Tyson

A free-spirited, rebellious caregiver who's vibrant personality instantly lights up any room.  She's unpolished, stubborn as hell, and has a heart of gold.  

Raised by her non-biological grandfather in Louisiana, Amy Jo developed a unique and special bond with the elderly.

Amy Jo is hell-bent on ensuring the seniors in her care have the greatest adventures of their lives before it's too late.  She's blinded by her own mission, sometimes in spite of better judgement.  Funny, selfless, and wearing her emotions on her sleeve, Amy Jo needs the facility as much as it needs her -- she has nothing to go back to.

Elliot Kabranski (Late 20s, Caucasian)

Ben Giroux

A tightly wound, obsessively organized caregiver who colors inside the lines.  Elliot is everything Amy Jo isn't -- he's an avid follower of rules and can't comprehend life without structure and safety pamphlets.  

Afraid of everything, Elliot is both mesmerized by Amy Jo's free-spirited charisma and completely frustrated with it.  As a kid, Elliot witnessed his best friend drown after sneaking into a gated pool.  Still wrought with guilt, Elliot works at Sunny Smiles to keep people from dying -- but he'd never admit to that out loud.

Elliot often tries too hard, winding up on the opposite side of success -- dating domineering women, working humiliating side jobs, and even moving back in with his parents.  Following Amy Jo's imaginative schemes, Elliot is continually talked into stepping outside of his comfort zone and personal boundaries, consequences be damned.

Connie Holtzmiller (60s, Caucasian)

Anne Robinson

"Sister" Connie Holtzmiller, the new director of Sunny Smiles Assisted Living Facility, has a style of management that rivals militaristic dictators.  An ex-nun and former warden of the Indiana State Women's Penitentiary, Holtzmiller discourages all things 'emotion' and certainly hasn't felt one in decades.  

Ironically, the warmest thing about Holtzmiller is her title "sister"; a label she insists on continuing despite giving up the nun's habit long ago.   Demons lurk beneath Holtzmiller's gruff exterior -- her husband left years ago after discovering she was unable to bear children.  Holtzmiller desperately wanted a family she never got, leaving her empty, pissed, and skeptical of true compassion.

After the sudden and "disgraceful" death of Sunny Smiles' previous director, Holtzmiller is brought in by the facility's Board to "shape up the place," aiming to restore order, financial stability, and a strict code of ethics.

Mildred Clemens (70s, Caucasian)

Shelley Long

A forgetful, eccentric senior resident of the facility. Mildred's green spandex pants, oversized cat glasses, and frizzy hair fit in perfectly with the "unorthodox" vibe of Sunny Smiles.

Always willing to help Amy Jo and Elliot with their schemes, Mildred is constantly falling asleep at the most inopportune times. Though she unintentionally gets our heroes into trouble time and time again, no one can fault her effort to help them.

Kevin Bacon (30s, Caucasian)

Alan Tudyk

A nice guy with a warm smile, Kevin works at Sunny Smiles as the go-to Renaissance man. Chief among his responsibilities: Kevin serves as the facility's "Chaplain hybrid Rabbi."   

As a result of budget setbacks, Sunny Smiles can only afford one employee to perform last religious rites -- and Kevin is their man.   On busy days, Kevin may enter a room wearing a clerical collar, only to swap it for a yarmulke moments later.  

Kevin is constantly reminded he shares his name with an iconic celebrity (no relation), often by grieving families asking: "Wait, weren't you in that dancing movie?"

Perry Wu (30s, Gay, Asian)

Matt Moy

Meticulous at his job, Perry is one of Sunny Smiles' longest tenured employees. Incredibly well-intentioned and quick-witted, Perry mans the front desk of the facility.

Recently, he's taken to "borrowing" certain female clothing items from the facility's residents.  

Nicknamed "Perrywinkle," he is the heart and soul of Sunny Smiles' positive attitude. Perry is loyal, thoughtful, and looks surprisingly stylish in lipstick.

Piper Carmichael (20s, Caucasian)

Zooey Daschenel

The granddaughter of Grace Lamden, a new resident at Sunny Smiles, Piper has become a frequent visitor of the facility.  She's original, youthful, and pretty in a quirky kind of way.  Elliot is smitten with her on first glance -- but Piper isn't looking for love in her grandmother's assisted living facility.  

A talented musician and regular performer at The Watering Cactus Bar & Grill, Piper is a budding singer by night and a community college student by day.  

Elliot often hears her singing to Grace during visiting hours, but could lose his job if he ever made a move...

Charlie Gowland (Late 30s, Caucasian)

Chris O'Dowd

The rugged head-bartender at The Watering Cactus, Charlie is outgoing, attractive, and well-liked among bar patrons.  Chief among those patrons is Amy Jo, who often drags Elliot to "The Cactus" to concoct schemes.  

Subtle flirtation begins to build between Amy Jo and Charlie, leaving Elliot rolling his eyes and Amy Jo's tom-boy instincts unsure of what to do next.  Charlie's father is on the Board at Royal Palms Senior Living, a gaudy assisted living facility down the street from Sunny Smiles and the one place Amy Jo loathes most on Earth.

Chuck Henderson (Late 40s, Caucasian)

Danny Woodburn

The smarmy, egocentric director of Sunny Smiles arch rival: Royal Palms Senior Living.

Royal Palms is a ritzy, uber-expensive assisted living community located just down the street from Sunny Smiles. Clad with roman columns, waterfalls, and acres of lush grass, Royal Palms lets wealthy seniors bask in paradise on Earth.

Chuck embodies Royal Palms perfectly: he's shallow, competitive, and obsessed with showcasing his wealth. Underneath his mounds of money, no one can be sure if he even has a heart...

Cesar Oliveres (Early 20s, Hispanic)

Cesar works in Sunny Smiles' cafeteria, serving food to residents as part of his community service and probation.  Tattooed from head-to-toe, Cesar is quiet, disinterested, and anxious to serve his time and leave.  That is, until Amy Jo and Elliot begin including him in their schemes.  Cesar gradually emerges from his tough-guy exterior and becomes an instrumental teammate on Amy Jo's crack-squad of caretaker rebels.

Rosa Jimenez (Late 50s, Hispanic)

Considered among residents to be the "godmother" of Sunny Smiles, Rosa is the longest tenured caretaker at the facility.  Fiercely loyal to her residents, Rosa embodies all that is good in the human spirit.  She's spent her entire life caring for others, making very little money.  As the legal guardian of her two grandchildren, Rosa is barely able to keep her own family afloat -- but you'll never hear her complain.  As Amy Jo and Elliot infuse adventure into the facility, Rosa is surprisingly eager to participate in any way she can.

Judith Kabranski (60s, Caucasian)

Elliot's neurotic, over-bearing, Jewish mother.  After Elliot's last girlfriend nearly bankrupt him, he was forced to move back in with his folks.  Judith loves Elliot dearly, but treats him like he's in grade-school, packing his lunch daily for work.  She stays at home, running her own garden gnome business: buying gnomes on eBay and reselling them to "customers" at her front door.

Ruben Kabranski (60s, Caucasian)

Elliot's father.  Ruben Kabranski owns a local book shop.  With the recent economic down-turn, Ruben has begun selling Ruben sandwiches in addition to books... in the same shop.  While he's surely breaking all kinds of building codes, he's keeping his business afloat.  Ruben loves his son, but he doesn't understand Elliot's job: "You have the rest of your life to be old, why be around it now?"